Special Issue
Nanoscale Platforms for In Vitro Diagnostics

Guest editor:

Dingbin Liu, PhD

In vitro diagnostics (IVD) plays crucial roles in clinical care that performs a diagnostic test outside of a living body. The past decade has witnessed a rapidly growing requirement in the development of IVD tools with high analytical figures of merit. However, conventional IVD platforms are still facing several limitations such as moderate sensitivity, time-consuming procedures, requirement of expensive reagents and sophisticated instruments. The rapid development of nanotechnology has led to tremendous progress in the design of advanced IVD platforms, which show distinct properties including unmatched sensitivity, high multiplex capability, ease to use, and low cost. However, it remains highly challenging to bring the newly-developed nanoscale IVD platforms into real clinical applications owing to the presence of several long-standing issues of nanoprobes and devices. It is essential for the chemists, biologists, engineers, and clinicians to collaborate closely to address these issues and drive more effective IVD platforms forward from laboratory bench to bedside. Therefore, it is rather important to organize a special issue aiming at presenting excellent researches in the field of nanotechnology-based IVD and laying out their future directions in the clinical applications.

The goal of this special issue on Nanoscale Platforms for In Vitro Diagnostics is to bring leading experts in the fields of nanotechnology, nanomedicine, IVD, and point-of-care testing, to report their most recent studies in the related topics and to share their vision on the future development of IVD. Unsolicited submissions are also welcome.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Plasmonic Immunoassays
  • Nanoprobes for Multiplex Biomarker Detection
  • Nanodevice-Based Assays
  • Nanotechnology-Based Gene Sequencing
  • Point-of-Care Testing
  • Nanosensors for Precision Diagnosis

Both research articles and reviews will be considered.

For more information on the journal and its style, please refer to "Instructions for Authors" at http://www.ntno.org/ms/author. All the invited and contributed manuscripts will undergo the standard peer-review procedure of the Journal “Nanotheranostics”, and will be scrutinized by the associate editor and at least two additional expert reviewers in the field. The manuscript submission DEADLINE is set for October 1st, 2016 and the first decision will conclude within 6 weeks from submission after peer-review process.

Manuscripts for this special issue should be submitted online at http://www.ntno.org/ms/submit (mark "Nanoscale Platforms for In Vitro Diagnostics Special Issue" in the "Suggested reviewers" field to identify the paper).

All inquiries should be sent to the guest editor(s) at the above email address.