Nanotheranostics 2017; 1(2):208-216. doi:10.7150/ntno.18767

Research Paper

Black Phosphorus Nanosheets for Mild Hyperthermia-Enhanced Chemotherapy and Chemo-Photothermal Combination Therapy

Sheng Wang1, 2, 3, Jian Weng3, Xiao Fu3, Jing Lin1, Wenpei Fan3, Nan Lu3, JunLe Qu2, Siping Chen1, Tianfu Wang1, Peng Huang1✉

1. Guangdong Key Laboratory for Biomedical Measurements and Ultrasound Imaging, School of Biomedical Engineering, Health Science Center, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, China;
2. Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems of Ministry of Education and Guangdong Province, College of Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, China;
3. Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Nanomedicine, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, United States.


Near-infrared (NIR) light triggered photothermally enhanced cellular internalization strategy shows great potential to improve antitumor effect to fight against cancer. In this work, a black phosphorus (BP) nanosheet-based nanomedicine, which is composed of BP nanosheet, human serum albumin (HSA) and paclitaxel (PTX), was developed for mild hyperthermia-enhanced intracellular drug delivery and chemo-photothermal combination therapy. BP nanosheet was successfully synthesized by a one-pot biomimetic synthesis method using HSA as exfoliating agent and capping agent. Meanwhile, PTX can be efficiently loaded by HSA via hydrophobic interactions. The PTX-loaded HSA functionalized BP (BP-HSA-PTX) exhibits great photothermal performance, excellent biodegradability/biocompatibility, and effective drug loading. Upon NIR laser illumination, mild hyperthermia (~43 °C) or photothermal effect can be achieved to improve the intracellular drug delivery efficiency and antitumor effect of BP-HSA-PTX. Our results indicate that HSA-functionalized BP has great potential for the loading, delivery, cellular uptake enhancement of chemotherapeutics and chemo-photothermal combination antitumor effect.

Keywords: black phosphorus nanosheets, photothermal, mild hyperthermia, enhanced chemotherapy, combination therapy.

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