Aims and Scope

Nanotheranostics is an innovative, dynamic and fast-growing field, with cutting-edge technologies emerging from many aspects of medical and clinical research. The number of publications in nanotechnology related to theranostics has increased rapidly. A journal dedicated to theranostics in the nanotechnology space is not only warranted but also necessary to serve the growing scientific community.  The aim of Nanotheranostics is to provide a forum for the exchange of clinical and scientific information to make use of “nanotechnology” for diagnostics and therapy of different diseases. Nanotheranostics publishes innovative and original basic, translational and clinical research reflecting the fields of nanomedicine, nanoimaging, drug and gene delivery, nanoelectronic biosensors, and other areas. 

Regular features include high quality research articles, reviews or mini-reviews, rapid communication of preliminary data on innovative research, editorials, and letters to the editor. Educational articles on basic sciences, fundamental aspects and controversy related to pre-clinical and clinical studies or ethical issues of nanomedicine are also welcome. Timely reviews that provide updates on current applications and issues in nanomedicine and translational aspects of nanotheranostics and other topics are particularly welcome and will be given high priority.

Nanotheranostics employs a rigorous peer-review system, but also strives for rapid review turnaround times and is based on the same streamlined submission platform as Theranostics.